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In The Sun Drenched Desert

A man was riding on a camel, through miles and miles of sun drenched desert, searching for some sign of life.

He had got lost the day before, and now all he could see in every direction was just one sand dune after another.

His supplies were running low, and he was getting worried, when to make matters worse, his camel suddenly stopped, staggered a few steps, and died.

Now on foot, the man desperately sought refuge from the heat, and, most importantly, he needed to find a source of water, as his canteen had been empty for a while, and he knew that if he couldn’t find water soon, he would be finished.

Suddenly, he came across a vendor, right there in the middle of the desert.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, as all around was just sand, mountains of it, but having blinked a few times, there in front of him was a man who was selling things.

“Thank God I found you!” the man cried. “Please help me. I’m in dire need of some water.”

“Well,” said the vendor, “I don’t have any water. But would you like to buy one of these fine ties.”

“What am I going to do with a tie?” the man asked.

“That’s what I’m selling sir. If you don’t like it, I can’t help you.”

Frustrated, the man left the vendor, and walked on for many more miles, praying each minute that he would find refuge from the scorching sun.

His eyes squinted a bunch of times when he came across a restaurant in the distance. Unable to comprehend a restaurant located in the middle of the desert, he assumed that the place was a mirage, but decided to check it out anyway.

The man was sure that he had to be dreaming, going crazy after being thirsty in the sun for so long, but to his surprise, as he approached the restaurant door, his mouth opened in amazement, seeing that the place actually existed.

The man staggered towards the restaurant door, but the doorman stopped him before he entered.

“Excuse me sir,” the doorman said, “But you can’t come in here without a tie!”

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