If You Firmed This Up!

One morning while making breakfast, a man walked up to his wife, pinched her on the bum and said: “If you firmed this up, we could get rid of your control top pantyhose.”

While this was on the edge of intolerable, she kept silent and decided not to fly into a rage at her husband and retaliate.

The next morning, the man woke his wife with a pinch on each of her breasts and said to her: “You know, if you firmed these up, we could get rid of your bra.”

She had managed to keep her cool yesterday, but this was beyond a silent response.

So, she rolled over in bed and grabbed him by his ‘DANGLER.’

With a death grip in place, she said to her husband: “You know, if you firmed this up, we could get rid of the gardener, the postman, the pool man and your brother!”

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