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Hymns For Everything

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If you go to church regularly or did when you were younger, you are probably aware that there are hymns for everything. You might not be aware though that there are hymns for different professions, unless of course it’s for the sailors and the well known hymn “For Those In Peril On The Sea”.

But yes, there are hymns for different professions and we have just a few here as examples. I am sure you can come up with some of your own and if so we would love it if you could share them with us so we can add them to the list below. There is a comment form lower down the page where you can contact us.

Dentist’s HymnCrown Him with Many Crowns
Weather Man’s HymnThere Shall Be Showers of Blessings
Contractor’s HymnThe Church’s One Foundation
The Tailor’s HymnHoly, Holy, Holy
The Golfer’s HymnThere is a Green Hill Far Away
The Politician’s HymnStanding on the Promises
Optometrist’s HymnOpen My Eyes That I Might See
The IRS Agent’s HymnI Surrender All
The Gossip’s HymnPass It On
The Electrician’s HymnSend The Light
The Shopper’s HymnSweet Bye and Bye
The Realtor’s HymnI’ve Got a Mansion, Just Over the Hilltop
The Massage Therapists HymnHe Touched Me
The Doctor’s HymnThe Great Physician

A special bonus for those who love to speed on the highway when you are driving. Here are a few select hymns for you.

45 mphGod Will Take Care of You
65 mphNearer My God To Thee
85 mphThis World Is Not My Home
95 mphLord, I’m Coming Home
100 mphPrecious Memories

We hope you enjoyed those and please if you do enjoy our jokes and funny stories, share them with your friends to help us to get more visitors. We spend many hours curating the best jokes and funny stories to try and help people to laugh more, but it’s sometimes not easy to spread the word.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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