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How To Get More People To Come To Church

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An elderly priest was talking to his young assistant one day about his revolutionary ideas for trying to get more people to come to church on Sunday.

The elderly priest said to the younger priest: “You know, I was rather dubious about your idea to replace the first four pews with plush bucket theater seats, but it was really good. It has worked like a charm, the front of the church always fills first now, the congregation is really growing”.

The young priest smiled and just nodded.

The older priest continued: “You told me that adding a little more beat to the music would bring young people back to church, so I supported you when you brought in that rock ‘n’ roll gospel choir. Now our services are consistently packed to the balcony”.

“Thank you, father”, answered the young priest. “I am pleased that you are open to the new ideas of youth”.

“All of these ideas have been well and good”, said the elderly priest, “but I am afraid you have gone too far with the drive through confessional”.

“But, father”, protested the young priest, “the number of confessions and the donations to the church have nearly doubled since I began that!”

“Yes”, replied the older priest, “and I appreciate that. But that flashing neon sign, Toot ‘n’ Tell or Go to Hell cannot stay on the church roof!”

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