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House Cleaner

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Have you ever had a job as a house cleaner?

When I was in my last year at high school, I got a part time job which was cleaning the elegant home of an elderly couple.

They had a large collection of antiques and strange items from around the world, and as part of my cleaning duties, I had to dust their many imported carvings and petrified collectibles, as well as to pick up after their pet dogs.

One day, I was astonished to find two ivory fossils, which were lying on the floor beside the bookcase.

I quickly picked them up and put them back on the shelf.

The next week the same thing happened.

That afternoon my employer came into the parlor, her faithful pet spaniel trotting behind her.

Looking around, she eyed the bookcase.

“Bobby”, she asked the dog, “how do your bones keep getting up there?”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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