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One day, Father Murphy was out playing golf with one of his parishioners.

On the first hole, when he hit the ball, he sliced it into the rough.

His opponent heard him mutter “Hoover!” under his breath.

On the second hole, Father Murphy’s ball went straight into a water hazard.

His opponent heard him mutter “Hoover!” again under his breath, although this time it was a little louder.

On the third hole, a miracle occurred and Father Murphy’s drive landed on the green, barely six inches from the hole !

“Praise be to God!”, exclaimed Father Murphy.

He carefully lined up the putt, but the ball curved around the hole instead of going in.

“HOOVER!!!”, Father Murphy yelled out loud.

By this time, his opponent couldn’t withhold his curiosity any longer, and asked why the priest said “Hoover”.

Father Murphy replied, “It’s the biggest dam I know.”

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