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Holy Man

Image used under a Collective Commons License from is an exclusive apartment building in Manhattan in which many United Nations representatives live, including a mysterious holy man from India, a mystic.

A butcher, who had a flourishing business next to the apartment building, was constantly berated by the holy man for selling beef. Cattle, of course, are sacred in this mystic’s Hindu religion.

One day, the mystic became quite ill with severe anemia.

The doctor, after examining him, prescribed some meat for his diet. In fact, he suggested that beef liver might be the best diet supplement for him. This would supply both the iron and the Vitamin B-12 that were so deficient in his cultural diet.

The mystic reluctantly agreed that his health was too important to jeopardize, and so he went to the butcher to order some beef liver.

The butcher, realizing that this was his chance to get back at the Indian for all his insults, decided to overcharge him by lying to him about the weight of the meat.

He told his assistant, “When you put the meat on the scale, press down with your thumb on the scale in order to…”

(Please don’t hate me for this)

“weigh down upon the Swami’s liver”

How many groans do you think that one is worth? It’s surely worth a share right!

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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