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Hollywood Party

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A wealthy gentleman from Texas, who had recently moved to Los Angeles from his ranch in the boondocks, was invited to a Hollywood party.

WHile he was there, an attractive young woman spied him, standing there with his cowboy hat and swagger and started flirting with him.

“Tell me cowboy, is there ‘anything’ you would really like”, the attractive young woman asked the Texan.

“Welllll,” he replied, with a strong Texan drawl, “I sure could use a piece of ass”.

The attractive young woman nodded, and took him upstairs into a bedroom.

Once there, she removed her clothes and his clothes, then the two of them engaged in a hot session of mad passionate lovemaking which lasted for quite some time.

After they were done, she again asked suggestively, “Now, handsome, is there anything *else* I can do for you?”

“Well, ma’am,” he replied in his strong Texan drawl, “I could still use that piece of ass for my drink”.

If you don’t get it, the clue is in the strong Texan drawl…

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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