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Heavenly Meeting

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Jesus was strolling through Heaven when he saw an old man sitting on a cloud.

As he looked closer, he could see that the old man was just sitting still, staring into the distance.

“Old man,” said Jesus, “this is Heaven! why are you so sad?”

The old man didn’t bother to turn as he said, “I have been looking for my son and haven’t been able to find him.”

Jesus said, “Tell me about it.”

“Well,” said the old man, still gazing at the sunlit horizon, “on earth I was a carpenter, and one day my son went away. I never heard from him again, and I was hoping I’d find him here, in Heaven.”

His heart was pounding suddenly in his chest, Jesus bent over the old man and said, “Father?”

The old man turned to Jesus and cried, “Pinocchio?”

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