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Head Chef

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Patrick applied for a job as the head chef at a very fancy restaurant.

“Come to the kitchen and show us what you can do”, the manager said to him.

“Give me an egg”, said Patrick, “any size, any colour”.

The manager reached over and gave Patrick an egg.

As quick as you like, Patrick grabbed the egg from the manager, threw it five feet in the air, caught it on the instep of his right foot, flicked it to his left foot, flicked it onto his left shoulder, shrugged it over to his right shoulder, shrugged it up to his forehead and gently nodded it towards a frying pan on a nearby cooker.

The egg hit the rim of the pan and broke, the contents oozed gently into the fat and the shell dropped into a waste bin.

“That i brilliant”, the manager said, “Can you do it again?”

“Certainly, sir”, Patrick said and duly obliged.

Staring at the two sizzling eggs in the pan and the egg shells neatly deposited in the bin, the manager remarked, “That is the most amazing display I have ever seen”.

“Do I get the job then?” Patrick asked.

“‘No”, said the manager, “you mess about too much”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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