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Happy Hour

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A guy was talking with his co-worker about where they should go for a beer after work.

The friend suggested a place just to the north of their office, because they were running a “Happy Hour” deal: two for one beers from 5pm to midnight.

Our hero agreed that two for one beers during Happy Hour was a pretty good deal, but he wanted to try a place he’d been to over the weekend.

He explained to his friend, that while beers were fairly expensive at this place, each beer purchased also came with a numbered ticket.

“And… get this… Once every half-hour, they pull a number from a hat, and if they call the number of your ticket, you get laid… for free!”, he said to his friend.

Well, naturally, his friend quickly agreed to try the new place.

Later, our hero and his dejected friend can be seen, quite drunk, sitting at a table at the new place, a large pile of tickets in front of each man.

Drunkenly, the friend comments, “Hey, this is a rip-off! We’ve been here about 6 hours now, each had over 20 beers. There are only 4 other guys in the place, and we haven’t won once!”

“Yeah,” agreed our hero, “I just don’t understand it. We were here last weekend… and my wife won 3 times!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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