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Grumpy Old Man

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Murphy was well known to be a grumpy old man. He complained about everything and everyone. Murphy was what you might call a “right miserable old sod”.

When Murphy had to go to the hospital for minor surgery, he never stopped criticizing the room, the food, the noise, literally everything.

The doctors avoided him and he was especially abusive to the nurses who patiently took care of him.

When Murphy was finally preparing to leave the hospital, a nurse popped in and said he had to have his temperature taken one last time.

Of course this just annoyed Murphy and he grumbled out loud.

The nurse told him to roll over on his stomach and she inserted the thermometer.

Then she left the room.

When Murphy’s wife arrived half an hour later, she was startled by what she saw, so she asked him what was going on.

Murphy grumbled that they were taking his temperature.

His wife replied, “I can see that Murphy but with a daffodil?”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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