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Golfers And Mother Nature

Image used under a Collective Commons License:’t it funny how Mother Nature can play havoc when we are playing sports, and with balls soaring high into the air, golf is just one of those games where “she” loves to mess with us.

Two friends went out golfing one day and their tee shots were horrible. When I say horrible, I mean just HORRIBLE!

Nothing was going right for either of them. One guy hit his ball way to the left, the other hit his way to the right. It was the worst game of golf that either of them could remember playing.

The two of them decided their shots were so bad that they’d just meet up at the hole, once they finally got there that is.

So, the first guy whacks his ball into the rough, and it’s nowhere to be seen. He looks and looks, and finally finds his ball sitting down deep in a field of beautiful buttercups.

He promptly pulls out his 7 iron and starts whacking away at it in frustration. Buttercups are flying everywhere, but the ball won’t come out. It’s a mess.

Well, finally Mother Nature gets mad.

She came up from the ground and said to the man “I’ve created this beautiful field of buttercups and you have shown no respect for them at all, now they are ruined. I’m going to have to punish you. Since these are buttercups your punishment is that you cannot have butter for a year”.

The man was astounded at first, but then once he heard his punishment, he started to laugh and went back to whacking at the buttercups.

Mother Nature as you can imagine by this point was well displeased. She said to him: “Hey, this is no laughing matter. What do you find so funny?”

The man looked up and said to her: “My buddy is over on the other side of the fairway in the pussy willows.”

Image used under a Collective Commons License:

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