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Golf Is A Mystery

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Golf is a mystery to a lot of people and it certainly was a total mystery to Bob’s wife. She never could understand why Bob insisted on tiring himself out by walking so far every time he played.

So, one day she went with him when he played a round of golf, to see for herself what the game was about.

For six holes she tramped after him.

From tee to tee they went, via the fairways (and the woods) and of course the greens.

It seemed that they walked for mile after mile.

It was on the seventh hole that Bob landed in the infamous bunker, where he floundered about for quite some time in the sand.

Seeing her husband finally spending so much time in one place, Primrose sat herself down, and as the sand began to fly she happily said to him: “There, I knew you could just as well play in one place if you made up your mind to!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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