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Funny Garden Bird Feeding Station Review On Amazon

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I had to laugh out loud when I read the following review for this Garden Bird Feeding Station on Amazon.

It was obviously written by someone with a great sense of humour and if you don’t believe it’s real, see the review on the Amazon site:

Once fully erect, I stuck it into a grassy area near my back passage. The end was pointy enough to push it in really deep, so it’s not likely to get blown around the place! Within an hour, I was watching a delightful pair of tits at close range. By the end of the day, the birds were literally flocking just to get a go on my nut sacks! They seem really pleased too and haven’t stopped noshing all day! A great product. Thank you!

If you got a good laugh out of this, please pass it on.

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This is a cute commercial for Nolan’s Cheddar cheese in the USA, featuring a mouse and a mousetrap.  Very cute.

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