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Garage Full Of Junk

Garage Full Of Junk. Image copyright The Laughline 2022

Have you ever seen a garage full of junk like this? Well, my garage sure was full of junk! There were old tools, offcuts of wood, old paint cans, off-cuts of carpet, fishing gear, boots… You name it, the garage probably had at least one of that item. It sure was full of piles of junk.

One day I found my wife out there in the garage, staring at the mess.

“I hope I die first, so I don’t have to get rid of all this”, she said with a big sigh.

“Look on the bright side”, I said to her. “If I die first, you can put an ad in the paper and when all the men come by to check out the stuff, you can pick out a replacement for me”.

Still standing there staring at the piles of junk, my wife said, “Are you serious? Whoever would want all this stuff wouldn’t be my type!”

I guess that put me in my place!

Garage Full Of Junk. Image copyright The Laughline 2022

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