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Futuristic Hotel

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A businessman was spending a few days in the big city and decided to check into what was advertized as a “Futuristic Hotel”.

He really enjoyed new and inovative technology, so thought that this would be a very interesting place to stay. He wondered what kinds of gadgets and technology he might experience while he was there.

Realizing that he ought to get a haircut before his business meeting the following day, he called down to reception to ask if there was a barber on the premises.

“I’m afraid there isn’t a barber in the hotel”, the receptionist told him apologetically, “but down the hall from your room you will find a vending machine that should serve your purposes”.

The businessman was skeptical but intrigued by the idea of a machine that could give him a haircut, so he went out of his hotel room, walked down the hallway and located the machine.

A big sign on the machine read “Haircuts $15”, so he sat down on the bench that stuck out of the machine, inserted $15 and then stuck his head into the opening at the front of the machine.

As soon as he stuck his head inside, the machine automatically started to buzz and whir.

Literally just fifteen seconds later, he pulled his head out and looked at himself in the mirror.

What he saw really surprised him, it was without a doubt the best haircut of his life.

“Will wonders never cease”, he thought to himself, “This futuristic stuff is amazing”.

Just a few feet away was another machine with a sign that read, “Manicures $10”.

“Why not?” the businessman thought. So he paid the money, inserted his hands into the machine and just like the other one it started to buzz and spin.

Fifteen seconds later, he pulled out his hands to find that they were perfectly manicured.

“My wife would just love this”, he thought to hmself.

Just a few feet away was another machine had a sign that read, “Machine provides a service men need when away from their wives, $2”.

“Wow they think of everything”, he thought to himself, “I could really use that right now!”

He looked both ways to make sure nobody else was around, put $2 in the machine, then unzipped his fly, and with some anticipation, stuck his “manhood” into the opening.

When the machine started buzzing, he let out an agonizing shriek and almost passed out.

Fifteen seconds later, which seemed like a lifetime as images flashed through his mind, the machine shut off.

With trembling hands, he carefully pulled his member out of the machine, to find it now had a button neatly sewn on the end.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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