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Funny Thanksgiving Pictures

Image Source: Social MediaHere are some funny Thanksgiving pictures that we hope you enjoy.

These pictures came from various sources, either Social Media or other sites with a Collective Commons License.

We have attributed the images accordingly and not knowingly broken any copyright laws.

If you own a picture that we have inadvertantly displayed without the correct permission, please let us know.

Happy Thanksgiving

Image Source: Social Media

Image Source: Social Media

What To Do With The Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Bones

Image Source: Social Media

Image Source: Social Media

Alas, it’s a very sad collection of Thanksgiving pictures isn’t it! We only just started the collection, and will be working on it throughout the next year. So please be sure to come back in 2020 for some more laughs. Meanwhile, we have over 1,500 great jokes for you to enjoy. Thanks for the visit.

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