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Funny Halloween Pumpkin Pictures

Welcome to our collection of funny Halloween pumpkin pictures. One of the joys of the Halloween season is seeing the amazing funny Halloween pumpkin carving that people do.

Whereas years ago pumpkins would all be carved with the same old funny faces or scary faces, nowadays people are carving pumpkins in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways.

Here are a few examples below which we hope you enjoy. If you find any more that we might like, please let us know (as long as they aren’t copyright of course).

Unless stated otherwise, these images were all found on Social Media and we assume there is no copyright. If you do own copyright on any images we have used, please let us know.

Uh-Oh Pumpkin

Image Source: Social Media

I Guess You Would Call That A Bumpkin

Image Source: Social Media


Image Source: Social Media

Very clever, cats are so like that!

Pumpkin Stem

Image Source: Social Media

The look on her face is priceless. Is that pain or pleasure?

Florida Pumpkin

Florida Pumpkin (source Social Media)

I trust they put the rest of the pumpkin to good use. I thought that was rather clever, how about you?

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