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Funny Halloween Pictures 2021

This year like before we have managed to find some really funny Halloween pictures for you to enjoy. We hope you get a good laugh out of these and if you have any more that you think our readers might like, please do send them to us.

Unless shown otherwise, these pictures were seen on Social Media and we aren’t aware of any copyright on them. If you do have a copyright on one of the images that we have used, please contact us and let us know. We will be happy to either remove the image or give the correct credit for it.

I Did The Mash

Image Source: Social Media

Whoever thought this one up, very clever. The Munsters was one of my favourite tv shows growing up and of course Monster Mash was always on the radio.

I Forgot My Sheet

Image source: Social Media

Whoever Said Fonts Don’t Matter

Image source: Social Media

Next Halloween I’m Picking The Costumes

Image source: Social Media

Don’t Roll Your Eyes At Me

Image source: Social Media

Corn Maze For Old People

Image Source: Social Media

Very clever for two reasons, firstly it would be practically impossible for anyone to get lost in there and secondly it would be easy to rescue them.

I just think it would be extra corny (get it) if the sign said “CORN MAIZE”. Never mind, I’ll close the door on my way out.

New Broom?

Image Source: Social Media

Looking for a new broom? Just check the small print before buying, especially if you are looking for a new mode of transport.

Anyone Fancy A Halloween Hot Dog?

Image Source: Social Media

Mind what you eat on Halloween, it might just be a finger sandwich.

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