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Funny Christmas Pictures 3

We have another set of really funny Christmas pictures for you here and we hope you get a good laugh out of them. If you do, please share this post with your friends and let them know about The Laughline. Our goal is to help get the world laughing to improve mental health and to offset all the bad news that just drags people down.

The Cost Of Living. Image Source: Social Media

Yes sadly for many of us the cost of living has gone up more than our income, therefore we have had to make cutbacks. This tree isn’t just small, it’s also too small to put any lights on, so guaranteed to save on our energy bills this not so festive season.

November Is Too Early For A Christmas Tree. Image Source: Social Media

Some people would happily put their Christmas decorations up in August or even leave them up all year round, but there are limits for the rest of us. I for one don’t think the Christmas decorations should be put up before the start of December. After all, Mary hasn’t even told Joseph that she is pregnant yet!

Let Me Get This Straight. Image Source: Social Media

Isn’t it any wonder dogs get confused during the holiday season! We tell them off all year round for trying to bring sticks into the house, then over the holidays we bring a whole tree into the house! What’s worse, we don’t even let them touch the tree, how absurd it must seem!

Cats on the other hand are quite happy to use the tree as a toy, climbing up it and doing their best to knock it over, but then cats are just evil, don’t you agree?

Lay Your Kid In My Dinner. Image Source: Social Media

Talk about dogs getting confused at Christmas, I’m sure that poor old donkey must have been totally flumoxed by the time Baby Jesus arrived.

I mean, firstly having to carry a pregnant Mary for God knows how many miles to Bethlehem and then going to grab a bite to eat and finding a baby in his manger. Very confusing indeed!

Afraid Of Santa. Image Source: Social Media

It’s not surprising that some kids are scared of Santa, especially when you see pictures of kids visiting Sants Claus at department stores from years gone bye. Some of those Santas are downright scary! In fact there are sites dedicated to just pictures of scary Santa Claus. I think “Claustrophobic” is a great word for fear of Santa, how about you?

Dreaming Of A White Christmas. Image Source: Social Media

Now I totally love that way of thinking! Hopefully the turkey and trimmings for Christmas Day got prepared properly before the chef got totally sozzled! Hic!

Santa Claus Could Have Been A Farmer. Image Source: Social Media

You know, just looking at that list it all makes sense to me, what do you think?

Rubber Bum Pump. Image Source: Social Media

You probably have to be a certain age to get this one (I know I am) and also know your Christmas songs. We thought it was pretty funny, hope you get a laugh out of this too!

Santa's Christmas Eve Feast. Image Source: Social Media

Well I’m sure poor old Santa gets really fed up with mince pies, especially given all the house he has to visit. Let’s face it, a gazillion mince pies has to be one reason why Santa is so fat!

With it being so cold outside, you can’t blame him for tucking into something warm and tasty for a change and truth be known, that Elf can get rather annoying.

Planning Ahead For Next Christmas. Image Source: Social Media

I have a feeling she still might be disappointed, especially given the cost of heating a home that has a chimney the width of a room! I doubt there would be much cash left over to buy a pony!

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