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Funny Christmas Pictures 2

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We received so many funny Christmas pictures this year and as our existing funny Christmas pictures pages were taking a bit too long to load, we thought that like last year, we would make it easier for you to find our new funny Christmas pictures by creating this new page.

So here are the best new funny Christmas pictures that we have found, which we hope you get a good laugh out of.

We hope you enjoy these new Christmas pictures and if you
want more we have hundreds of them in our other
Funny Christmas Pictures pages.

Unless stated otherwise, all images used on this page came from Social Media. We are not aware of any copyright, however if we have used any without permission, please contact us.

Christmas Pudding

Image Source: Social Media

Christmas Rules

Image Source: Social Media


Image Source: Social Media

Cats Are Evil

Image Source: Social Media

Dick The Halls

Image Source: Social Media

I guess someone wasn’t thinking when they put up the Christmas lights!

Cookies For Satan

Image Source: Social Media

Oops! Someone is going to cop it for this typo! I wonder if the cookies are burnt?


Image Source: Social Media

That moment when you realize ordering your Christmas shopping using Alexa voice control wasn’t necessarily the wisest thing to do.

Christmas In Australia

Image Source: Social Media

Ah yes, Australia, the “land down under” where everything is upside down.

How To Tell The Age Of A Christmas Tree

Image Source: Social Media

This is indeed very true. You can also tell by the amount of dust on the branches.

Me In A Christmas Play

Bong. Image Source: Social Media

Surely the height of embarrassment.

Lawn Silhouette

Image Source: Soclal Media

You know, that’s what I thought it looked like too. How about you?

You Don’t Realise How Old You Are

Image Source: Soclal Media

Yes that could easily be me! It’s one thing to get down on the floor, it’s another trying to get up again, especially as you get older.

The Brown Nose Reindeer

Image Source: Soclal Media

I don’t know about reindeer, but I have met a few brown nose people before.

Grandma Has A Crafty Sense Of Humour

Image Source: Soclal Media

Never trust a crafty Grandma!

Santa Visits His Parents

Image Source: Soclal Media

Can you just imagine Santa Claus with Jewish parents! Interesting scenario, could make a good movie.

Santa Visits Tokyo With Unexpected Results

Image Source: Soclal Media

Seems Santa has run into trouble having taken a wrong turn over Tokyo and bumping into Godzilla, who just happened to be a bit peckish. Will Santa survive his encounter with Godzilla? I guess you will have to wait until Christmas morning to find out.

Sneaking Into Homes Unnoticed

Image Source: Soclal Media

You know, with everyone, not just teenagers, stuck into their phones and tablets all the time these days, it wouldn’t be surprising if Santa could sneak into a house without anyone being aware of it. Well, unless they happened to see the fireplace expanding to fit the jolly old fellow, or the presents suddenly appear under the tree.

Hurry Up Santa

Image Source: Social Media

Little Johnny was getting rather fed up waiting for Santa Claus to come down the chimney. I wonder how many other kids have sat up waiting for Santa, waiting and waiting, waiting and waiting, getting really frustrated that he hasn’t come…

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Image Source: Social Media

So you have the last big Christmas gift to wrap and there isn’t enough Christmas wrapping paper left. Problem is, the shops are shut and it’s Christmas Eve. Suddenly, you have a lightbulb moment and dig out that roll of birthday paper. Problem solved.

The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Wife

The Perfect Christmas Gift  Image Source: Social Media

It’s Christmas Day and you have bought the perfect present to surprise your wife for Christmas. As you see it, you have absolutely outdone yourself this year and she is going to love it. She might even love it so much that she jumps your bones, you can always hope.

So, you tell your wife you have a surprise for her. You blindfold her, lead her into the living room get her to kneel down and voila!

Next thing you remember is waking up in a hospital bed, lying on your front with your stomach propped up and a painful rear end.

Yes fellow men, whether you are a husband, fiance or just a boyfriend, take heed and never ever buy your woman a home appliance for Christmas. Or her birthday come to that. If you don’t end up in hospital, it’s going to be the dog kennel or the spare room for a month.

Best to stick to perfume, jewellery and the like. Clothing can be hot or miss, especially if you get the size wrong. There’s nothing worse than your woman never wearing what you bought her because she hates it. That includes lingerie, although that does work with some women. The others think you are just after one thing (drat, foiled again)!

So let’s be careful at Christmas time and stay on the right side of the little woman (or big woman, but don’t call her that or mention the word D-I-E-T)!

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