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Fish Heads

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A regular customer at Abraham’s Gourmet Grocery store in Manhattan marveled at the proprietor’s quick wit and intelligence.

“Tell me, Abraham, just what is it that makes you so smart?”

“I wouldn’t share my secret with just anyone”, Abraham replied, lowering his voice so the other shoppers couldn’t hear, “But since you’re a good and faithful customer David, I’ll let you in on my secret. It’s fish heads. If you eat enough of them, you’ll be positively brilliant”.

“You sell them here at your grocery store?” the customer asked.

“Yes we do and they are only $4 each,” Abraham replied.

So the customer bought three fish heads.

A week later, the customer was back in the store complaining that the fish heads were disgusting and he wasn’t any smarter.

“You didn’t eat enough”, Abraham told him.

So, the customer went home with twenty more fish heads.

Two weeks later, he was back again and this time he was really angry.

“Hey, Abraham”, he said, “You’re selling me fish heads for $4 each when I just found out I can buy the whole fish for $2. You are ripping me off!”

“Ah you see?” Abraham replied. “You’re smarter already”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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