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First Date

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Bob was taking Sue out on their first date together and he wanted to make sure all went really well.

So, when he picked her up at her house, he was most gentlemanly and chivalrous, even opening and closing the car door for her.

At dinner,Bob and Sue enjoyed each others company immensely over a meal at a fancy restaurant and were having a wonderful first date.

In fact, Bob’s attentive ways spilled right over after dinner as they went to the movie theater to watch one of the latest blockbuster movies.

A few minutes into the film, Bob asked Sue, “Can you see, dear?”

Sue answered, “Yes Bob, I can see fine.”

A few more minutes passed and Bob asked her, “Is your seat comfortable?”

Sue responded, “Oh yes, it’s extremely comfortable.”

Moments later Bob asked her, “Is there a draft on you?”

Sue, being now really impressed with Bob’s attentiveness, said “No Bob, I feel no draft at all.”

Upon hearing her answer to his final question, Bob replied, “That’s great Sue. Why don’t we switch seats.”

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