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Evangelist Show

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An old couple were sitting at home, watching an Evangelist show on television, where a preacher is healing people in the audience.

The Evangelist spoke to the television audience and said, “If any of you viewers at home wanted to be healed, place one hand on your television and your other hand on the body part you want to be healed”.

The old lady got up slowly out of her armchair and hobbled over to the television. She then placed her right hand on the television and her left hand on her arthritic shoulder that was causing her great pain.

Then the old man got up out of his armchair, went to the television, placed his right hand on the television and his left hand on his crotch.

The old woman scowled at him and said “I guess you just don’t get it you stupid old man! The purpose of doing this is to heal the sick, not to raise the dead”.

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