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Escape From Alcatraz

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Three prisoners attempted to escape from Alcatraz prison, but were caught before they were able to escape from the notorious island prison and sentenced be punished.

The prison warden lined the prisoners up and told them what their punishment was to be:

“The governor has decided to make an example of you, for trying to escape from a prison that nobody can escape from, to deter others from making the same foolish mistake. Your punishment is to be three lashes of the whip each. As part of this punishment, each of you may choose to have on your back the covering of your choice”

The most cruel of all the prison guards in Alcatraz, Rawlson, was given the task of administering the punishment.

Rawlson: “Baker, you will take your punishment first. What do you want on your back?”

Baker: “Oil sir”.

Rawlson: “OK, then. Slop it on. Good. Now to proceed with the punishment…”

Rawlson the prison guard lashed out fearsomly with the whip and at the same time called out “ONE!”

Baker screamed out in pain as the whip struck across his back, “AAAAAAAAAARRRRGHHHHHH!”

Rawlson let the whip fly again and called out “TWO!”

Baker cried out, tears in his eyes, “Oh GOD! MERCY! MERCY!”

Rawlson let the whip fly a third time and called out “THREE!”

Baker again cried out “AAAAAAAAAARRRRGHHHHHH” and promptly fainted and fell to the floor.

Prison guard Rawlson called out to the next prisoner: “Right, your turn next Johnson, what do you want on your back?”

Johnson, who was a tough macho type of guy, replied defiantly: “Nothing sir, nothing at all”.

Prison guard Rawlson replied with “Have it your way” and proceeded to administer the punishment.

He let the whip lash out at Johnson, who gritted his teeth and said “Didn’t feel it.”

Prison guard Rawlson let the whip fly a second time, and Johnson responded with “Ha, ha, didn’t hurt!”

Prison guard Rawlson lashed out with the whip a third time, and as his punishment ended, Johnson responded with “No sweat”.

Prison guard Rawlson called out to the last prisoner: “Right, your turn next Goldstein, what do you want on your back?”

Goldstein replied, “I’ll have Johnson!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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