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English French And Italian Spies

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Three spies get captured and are placed in a prison cell together. One spy is French, one spy is English and the other spy is Italian.

Their captors come into the cell, grab the French spy, drag him into the next room and sit him down in a a chair.

They then tie his hands behind the back of the chair.

They interrogate and torture the French spy for two hours, before he breaks and answers all their questions, giving up all of his secrets.

The captors throw the French spy back into the cell, then grab the English spy.

They also drag him into the next room, tie his hands behind the chair, then interrogate and torture him for four hours, before he cracks and tells them everything that they want to know.

The captors throw the English spy back into the cell and grab the Italian spy, dragging him into the next room as well.

They tie his hands behind the chair and just like with the other two spies, they begin interrogating and torturing him.

Four hours go by and the Italian spy isn’t talking, despite their best efforts to torture him.

Then eight hours go by, then sixteen hours, then twenty four hours, but the Italian spy is still not revealing any secrets.

Eventually they give up and throw the Italian spy back into the cell.

The English and French spies are really impressed, and ask him how he managed to not talk after even twenty four hours of being tortured.

The Italian spy responds, “I wanted to, I really wanted to, but I couldn’t move my hands!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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