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Drunken Irishman

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A drunken Irishman stumbles into the front door of a bar in Dublin and orders a Jameson’s whisky in a slurred voice.

Knowing that this man, let’s call him Murphy, gets really obnoxious when he is drunk, the bartender says, “No way, buddy, you are way too drunk for me to be serving you whisky. Now be on your way home.”

So Murphy stumbles out of the bar, and what do you know, a few minutes later he wanders back into the bar again, this time though the bathroom.

He stumbles up to the bar, almost knocking over a table in the process, and again he says to the barman in a slurred voice, “Give me a Jameson’s.”

The bartender says, “No won’t Murphy. I told you last time, you are too drunk for me to be serving you. Now go home and sleep it off.”

Not five minutes after he leaves, Murphy comes in though the back door and orders a drink.

Again the bartender says, “You’re too drunk, just go on home.”

Murphy scratches his head and says to the barman “Be Jeesus, I must be drunk. The barman at the last two pubs I went into said the same thing.”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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