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Driving Home From The Pub

Car Crash Accident. Image used under a Collective Commons License from

So Paddy and Murphy were driving home from the pub, having spent the whole afternoon there, drinking one pint of Guinness after the other.

Suddenly, Paddy started screaming, “Murphy, look out for the wall, stop the car, don’t hit theā€¦”

Well as you probably guessed, the car slammed into the wall with an almighty CRASH!

Kind of dazed after their accident, not to mention from the effect of all the Guinness they had been drinking, Paddy and Murphy stumbled out of the car and the next think they knew they were waking up the next day in the local hospital.

Paddy said to Murphy, “You stupid idiot! I was screaming for you to watch out for the wall, why didn’t you turn the wheel or step on the brakes or something?”

Murphy answered, “Because you were the one driving Paddy you idiot!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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