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Door To Door Salesman

Image Copyright Tony Payne 2020

One day, I had a door to door salesman ring our door bell and he was selling of all things, burial plots in a local cemetery.

Well, I told the salesman that my husband and I had already discussed where we wanted to be buried and that we had already purchased plots for our graves. Sadly for him, they were in another cemetery.

The salesman seemed uncertain as to what to say next, so there was a minute of silence, after which but he recovered to just say politely, “Well madam, I hope you will both be very happy there”.

What the salesman said didn’t click with me at the time, but thinking about it a short time later, I couldn’t help but laugh about it.

This photograph is of the Old Cemetery in Southampton on the south coast of England. You can learn more about this historic cemetery that has graves of people related to The Titanic and more in this article about Southampton Old Cemetery.

Image Copyright Tony Payne 2020

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