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Divisional Manager Applicants

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A business man was interviewing applicants for the position of divisional manager for a new division of the company which was in the middle of expanding.

He devised a simple test, which he hoped would help him to select the most suitable person for the job.

During the interviews, he asked each applicant the following question, “How much is two and two?”

The first applicant was a journalist. His answer to the question was “twenty two”.

The second applicant was an engineer. He pulled out a slide rule and showed the answer to be between 3.999 and 4.001.

The next person was a lawyer. He stated that in the case of Jenkins v Commer of Stamp Duties, two and two was proven to be four.

The last applicant was an accountant. The business man asked him, “How much is two and two?”

The accountant got up from his chair, went over to the door and closed it. He then came back and sat down. He leaned across the desk and said to the businessman in a low voice, “How much do you want it to be?”

The accountant got the job.

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