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Desperate To Have Children

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A Catholic couple had been married for five years and were desperate to have children, but no matter how often they tried, how many different positions they tried and no matter how many books they read on fertility, the wife still failed to get pregnant.

So, they went to their priest and asked him if he would pray for them.

“I can do better than that”, the priest said. “I’m going on a sabbatical to Rome and while I’m there, I’ll light a candle for you”.

The couple thanked the priest and went home in great anticipation.

When the priest returned to his parish some three years later, he went to the couple’s house to find out if his prayers had worked.

He found the wife pregnant, but not only that, she was also busily attending to two sets of twins.

Elated that his prayers had been so successful, the priest asked the wife where her husband was, so that he could congratulate him.

” He isn’t here”, the wife said. “He’s gone to Rome, to blow that bloody candle out!”

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