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Dead Cat

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There’s nothing nicer than driving through the countryside, that is until you hit something. Here’s a story about a man and his car and a dead cat.

A man had been driving for what seemed hours down a long winding country lane with nothing but fields either side, when he eventually passed a farmhouse.

He was deep in thought at finally seeing signs of human habitation, when quick as a flash a cat ran out in front of him. Before he had a chance to react, he hit it and splat… he flattened the cat.

He got out of the car to took a look and there was no doubt that the cat was dead, killed instantly.

Out of kindness and consideration, he stopped the car, turned around and drove back to the farmhouse to notify the occupants.

When a woman opened the door, the man said, “Pardon me Madam, but I just ran over a cat in front of your house and assumed that it must belong to you. I know this might be hard to hear, but I wanted to let you know instead of just driving off”.

“Not so fast”, the woman said. “How do you know it was our cat? Could you describe him? What does he look like?”

The man promptly flopped down on the ground and said “He looks like this”, as he gave his best shot at a dead cat impression.

“Oh no, you horrible man”, she replied. “I meant, what did he look like before you hit him?”

At that, the man got up, covered his eyes with both hands and screamed “Agggghhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Before you ask, since a lot of people like cats, I thought it would be cruel to put up a picture of a cat with blood and guts etc, so this is actually a picture of a cat asleep and yawning.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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