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Custer’s Last Thoughts

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The curator of an art gallery once commissioned an artist to create a painting that depicted General Custer’s last thoughts at the Battle Of The Little Bighorn.

Three weeks later, the artist turned up at the art gallery, with a large package, containing the painting.

He unwrapped this in front of the art gallery curator, then proudly unveiled the painting.

The art gallery curator was shocked to see an enormous canvas, with a lovely blue lake painted in its center. In the lake was a fish leaping from the water, with a shining halo around its head. On the shores of the lake were the most detailed pictures of Indians making love.

After staring at the painting for some time and being completely bewildered by what he saw, the enraged curator demanded to know what the theme of the painting was supposed to be.

The artist said, “Well sir, you asked for a painting of Custer’s last thoughts and that’s exactly what this is”.

This remark by the artist just drew a blank stare from the art gallery curator and so the artist felt that he needed to add a more detailed description.

He explained. “As Custer saw that the battle was lost, he was clearly thinking to himself: Holy mackerel, where did all those fxxxing Indians come from?”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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