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Convert To Catholicism

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Two Jewish men were strolling down the street one day when they happened to walk past a Catholic church.

Outside the church was a large sign that said, “Convert to Catholicism and get $100”.

One of the Jewish men stopped walking and stared at the sign.

His friend turned to him and asked, “What did you stop for Abraham, what’s going on?”

“David”, Abraham replied, “I’m thinking of doing it”.

David, with a puzzled look asked, “What are you, crazy?”

Abraham thought for a minute and said, “No David, I’m really going to do it”.

With that, Abraham promptly strode purposefully into the church.

Twenty minutes later he walked out of the church with his head bowed.

“So”, David asked, “did you get your hundred dollars?”

Abraham looked up at him and said, “Money! Is that all you people think about?”

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