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Conversion To The Jewish Religion

Image used under a Collective Commons License from: couple are preparing for a religious conversion to the Jewish religion, and they meet with the orthodox rabbi for their final session before the ceremony.

The rabbi asks them if they have any final questions before they convert to the Jewish religion.

The man asks the rabbi, “Is it true that men and women are not permitted to dance together?”

“Yes,” says the rabbi, “for modesty reasons, men and women must dance separately.”

“So I can’t dance with my own wife?”, the man asks to clarify things.

“No.”, the rabbi replied.

“Well, okay,” says the man, “but what about sex?”

“Sex is fine,” says the rabbi. “A mitzvah within the marriage!”

“What about different positions?” the man asks.

“No problem,” says the rabbi.

“Woman on top?” the man asks.

“Why not?” replies the rabbi.

“How about doggie-style?”, the man asks.

“Of course!”, the rabbit says.

“Well, what about standing up?”, tha man asks.

“NO!” says the rabbi. “Not under any circumstances.”

“Why Not?” asks the man.

The rabbi replies, “It could lead to dancing!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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