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Complaint Letter To The Irish Railway Company

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A man was really frustrated with the poor service that he was getting on his rail journeys, so he wrote a letter of complaint to the Irish Railway Company.


I have been riding your trains daily for the last two years, and the service on your line seems to be getting worse every day.

I am tired of standing in the aisle all the time on a 14 mile trip.

I think the transportation system here is worse than that enjoyed by people 2,000 years ago.

Yours truly,
Patrick Mulligan

A few days later, the man received a reply from the Irish Railway Company which read:

Dear Mr. Mulligan,

We received your letter with reference to the shortcomings of our service and believe you are somewhat confused in your history.

The only mode of transportation 2,000 years ago was by foot.

Irish Railway Company

Well, angered by this response, the man wrote back to the Irish Railway Company as follows:


I am in receipt of your letter, and I think you are the ones who are confused in your history.

If you will refer to the Bible and the Book of David, 9th Chapter, you will find that Balaam rode to town on his ass.

That, Gentlemen, is something I have not been able to do on your train in the last two years!

Yours truly,
Patrick Mulligan.

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