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Paddy, Murphy and Seamus were drinking in their local pub and after a few pints of Guinness their discussion somehow turned to the topic of  coincidences.

Paddy said to the others, “Do you know what, an amazing coincidence happened to us. My wife was reading A Tale Of Two Cities when she was pregnant and she ended up giving birth to twins”.

“That’s quite a coincidence Paddy”, Murphy remarked. “Did you know my wife was reading The Three Musketeers while she was pregnant and she gave birth to our triplets”.

Seamus stood up and shouted, “Oh good God, out of my way, I have to rush home right now!”

When they asked what the problem was, he exclaimed, “My wife is pregnant right now and when I left the house, she was reading Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves!”

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