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Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds. Image Used Under A Collective Commons License From:

Do you love coffee? I love coffee so much, I struggle to get through the day without a cup of coffee. I’m sure that if you are a coffee lover too, you know exactly what I mean.

The problem is though, that my wife can’t stand coffee. It’s not just the taste of it, she can’t stand the smell of coffee either.

So I have to be really sneaky and wait until she heads out to work and make myself a coffee then hide the evidence before she comes home, or if she is going to spend the day at home, I have to find an excuse to go out and get my fix at the local Starbucks.

I don’t love just any old instant coffee you understand, but proper coffee made with coffee grounds. Of course we don’t have a coffee machine, that would be too obvious and impossible to hide.

I can’t have a coffee bean grinder either as that would be a dead giveaway. I have to make do with the next best thing, ready ground decent coffee and I brew it in a saucepan, a technique I was taught by a Romanian friend some years ago. I have to hide the bag of coffee at the back of a cupboard in a sealed bag, just in case she was to find it and I have to open the windows to make sure the smell has gone before she gets home.

Unfortunately, the other day my wife went out and I made myself a really good mug of coffee. I had just finished it but hadn’t had a chance to wash the mug up when to my horror she came home and caught me red handed with an all too obvious layer of coffee grounds in the bottom of my mug.

I did my best to apologise and explain, as you do, but she is still angry with me and I can’t see things improving any time soon if ever. Do you think this is coffee grounds for divorce?

Image Used Under A Collective Commons License From:

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