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Christmas Shopping In Dublin

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Saoirse Kelly decided one year to do her Christmas shopping in Dublin.

“Be careful”, her friend Maria Ellis said, “those department stores in Dublin charge far more than you would pay down here in Cork. They always double the price. So when you get there only offer them half”.

“To be sure I will Maria”, Saoirse said and off she went to Dublin to do her Christmas shopping.

She was walking past a large department store when she saw a green dress in the window display that she liked the look of, but what she didn’t like the look of was the price.

Taking heed of what her friend Maria had told her, she went inside and got hold of one of the sales assistants.

“The green dress in the window”, Saoirse said, “It’s priced at €80. That’s much too dear!”

“Madam”, the sales assistant replied, “believe me it is a very reasonable price for such a lovely dress”.

“Get on with ye”, Saoirse said loudly. “Everyone knows that in Dublin you pay twice as much as anywhere else. I’ll give you €40 and not a penny more”.

“Please Madam”, the sales assistant said, “I don’t want a scene. If you calm down, I’ll let you have the dress for €40″

“In that case”, retorted Saoirse, “I’ll give you €20 for it”.

“Madam, please!” begged the sales assistant, “I don’t want to sully our reputation, but if it will make you go away you can have it for €20”.

“In that case I’ll give you €10”, said Saoirse, feeling like she was on a roll.

At his wits end, the sales assistant replied, “Madam, just to get rid of you, please take the dress for nothing”.

“In that case”, said Saoirse triumphantly, “I’ll be wanting two of them”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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