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Christmas In The South

An Englishman went to Alabama as he wanted to experience Christmas in the south. He was used to the usual white Christmases that you get in England (well if you live in the north of England you do, but that’s another story). What he really wanted to experience was Christmas in a place that wasn’t quite as cold.

As this was his first visit to the USA, he was amazed at just how culturally different the USA was from England, and more than that, he found the accents of many of the people in Alabama hard to understand, even though he had watched countless hours of American shows on television.

But here he was in the deep south, and he was really enjoying this once in a lifetime experience.

Wandering around town, the Englishman noticed a beautiful nativity scene in the town square.

But, there was something odd to him. The wise men were all wearing fire department helmets.

So, the Englishman goes into a nearby diner, and the waitress asks him what he would like to order.

He orders some food, and then comments on the beautiful nativity scene and asks why the wise men are wearing helmets.

The waitress replies, “Boy you must not be from around here and you don’t know yer Bible either. Everyone knows that the wise men came from afar.”

Better if done with a southern accent-Alabama preferred…

And While On The Subject Of Christmas In The South

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