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Christmas Day At Tommy’s House

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As usual on Christmas Day at Tommy’s house, the place is packed with relatives for Christmas dinner.

His Grandpa calls 6 year old Tommy over, and starts asking him about school, girlfriends, and other stuff he can think of.

After a while, Grandpa notices that Tommy is loosing interest in the conversation, so he pulls out two bills from his wallet to see if he can keep him interested. A ten and a twenty dollar bill.

He shows both bills to Tommy, and tells him that he can keep any one he chooses.

Tommy reaches over and grabs the ten dollar bill.

Grandpa is pretty surprised at this, and also a little upset about the unwise decision his grandchild made.

So, he pulls out another ten dollar bill to see if it was a mistake.

Again, he tells Tommy to take one of the bills and keep it.

Tommy grabs the other ten dollar bill.

Grandpa again is surprised and upset.

He takes Tommy over to one of the uncles, and shows him how dumb Tommy is in choosing the ten dollar bill over the twenty dollar bill.

Grandpa goes on and on, showing every uncle and cousin, and each time Tommy chooses the ten dollar bill over the twenty dollar bill.

Grandpa finally shows the stunt to daddy.

Tommy’s Daddy is quite surprised, but doesn’t pay too much attention at the moment.

A few hours later, his Daddy who is very concerned about Tommy’s poor decision, so he walks up to him and asks him if he knows the difference between a ten dollar bill and a twenty dollar bill.

“Of course,” answers Tommy.

“So why did you always choose the ten over the twenty?” asks dad.

Tommy, with a wide smile answers, “Well dad, if I would have chosen the first twenty dollar bill, do you think Grandpa would have played the game fifteen more times?”

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