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Chocolate Limericks

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We all love Limericks, those short five line poems that are so catchy, but have you ever seen any Chocolate Limericks?

We haven’t here at The Laughline either, so we thought we would write some to try and get some laughs at fresh laughing material.

If you enjoy these Chocolate Limericks and we hope you do, please can you share this article to help us to reach a wider audience. All of these Limericks were written by our small team here and we would love to see them being read and enjoyed around the world.

Ok, enough self promotion for now, on to the Limericks…

Doris was in a real fix
She was craving some chocolaty Twix
Her friend Bob helped her out
And he answered her shout
Bringing one around for her just after six

Sue shoplifted a bar of Snickers
And hid it deep down in her knickers
She forgot what she’d done
And the chocolate it run
Down her leg and into her Kickers

June ate a box of Ferrero Rocher
And felt ill, what more can I say
Got her chocolate fix
Then was horribly sick
And went to bed for the rest of the day

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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