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Chinese Restaurant

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A man went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner and was told by the maitre’d that there would be at least a twenty minute wait for a table, so he would have to wait in the bar until he could be seated.

So, while he waited for a table, he went and had a seat at the bar, so he could have a drink before his meal.

The bartender walked up to him and said with a heavy accent, “What you dlink?”

The man replies, “Give me a Stoli with a twist”.

The bartender squinted at him for a few seconds, then smiled and said, “Once upon time were ‘four’ rittle pigs…”

Don’t you just love accent jokes!

This story always reminds me of when I lived in the Midwest and like many Americans, the Chinese in the restaurants would pronounce their “t’s” like “d’s”.

At one Chinese Buffet we used to go to for lunch from work, the Chinese waitress would seat us at a table and then ask “you want drink?”

Most of us would ask for a soda, but I asked for water.

Being British, that’s pronounced “wort-er” ok!

The waitress would give me a confused look and ask again. I would reply “water”.

Again the confused look, so I would give in and ask for “warder”, making it sound like a prison warder.

“Ah water”, she would say and go off to get the drinks.

It never ceased to amaze me, happened every time.

So, next time you are in a Chinese restaurant in the Midwest, be sure to order “wort-er” with your meal!

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