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Image used under a Collective Commons License from:,_Wimbledon_Park.jpgReligious jokes have always been very popular and we have here a great selection of over 100 of the best religious jokes, a collection that we have built up over more than ten years.

Our religious jokes collection includes Christian jokes and Jewish jokes, Pope, Cardinal, Bishop, and Vicar jokes, funny stories about Monks and Nuns and much more.

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Sent To Hell

A man dies and to his disappointment he is sent to Hell. When he arrives, he finds that there is a different Hell for each country. He decides to try the German Hell to see what that is like, and when he arrives he asks “What do they do here?”. […]

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The Memorial Plaque

One Sunday morning, the pastor noticed little Bradley was staring up at the large plaque that hung in the foyer of the church. It was covered with names. Small American flags were mounted on either side of it. The seven year old had been staring at the plaque for some […]

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After The Flood

It rained and rained non stop for 40 days and 40 nights and the Earth was flooded. Noah’s Ark, with it’s precious cargo of all the creatures in the world, two of each, floated around for a while, so the Bible tells us, and then after the floodwaters began to […]