The Best Collection Of Jewish Jokes

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Oy vey you found our collection of Jewish Jokes.

Jewish people are special in many ways, but in particular I love the many jokes about the stereo-typical Jewish lifestyle or Jewish Mothers.

Let’s not forget the wonderful Yiddish sayings as well. I hope you find something here that helps to brighten up your day.

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The Jewish Samurai

This is a story about a Jewish Samurai. Once upon a time… Yeah I know, this is going to be a corny story. Would you prefer that I start with “Many moons ago…?” Is that better? Very well, I will… Many moons ago, there was a powerful Emperor who needed […]

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Old Yakov

Old Yakov was dying, and he lay on his death bed, breathing what everyone expected to be the last few breaths of his long life. His family had gathered around him, waiting patiently for the end. Through half-closed eyes and a barely audible voice he asked, “Mama… you here?” “Yes, […]

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