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Posh Restaurant

For a birthday treat, Liam had taken his fiancee Siobhan out for a fancy meal at a posh restaurant. The menu looked rather too expensive for Liam’s wallet, so while he perused the menu, he gradually whittled down Siobhan’s choice to either chicken and salad. Finally, they both decided to […]

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At the Dublin Court House last Wednesday, Mrs O’Hennessy was charged with shoplifting a tin of peaches from a local supermarket. The Judge asked the prosecuting solicitor, “How many peaches were in the tin?” The prosecuting solicitor replied, “Four peaches Your Honour”. The Judge said to Mrs O’Hennessy, “You will […]

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The Irish Police Force

A member of the local Garda, the Irish police force, calls his local police station on the car radio. “Hello, is that you, Sarge?” he says. “Yes”, the Sarge’s voice comes back, “Is that you Murphy?” “Yes it’s me, Murphy” he replied. “We have a murder case here. A woman […]