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Image used under a Collective Commons License from: Boomer Jokes is a collection of jokes and funny pictures about growing old, retirement and anything to do with old age.

I am a Baby Boomer myself (I was born in the 1950’s) and I am rapidly reaching the age where it’s time to retire and for my body to start breaking down.

As we get older our health begins to deteriorate, and we become the butt of all kinds of jokes about old people and getting older. So what are we to do about it? Well I don’t know about you, but I love old people jokes, and I am determined to keep on laughing up to the day I die.

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Staying Abreast

This is a hilariously funny poem that was written by a friend of mine about breasts, and how women feel about them as they get older. I hope you enjoy it… Between my neck and belly, My dynamic duo rests, Among a slew of other names, They’re politely called my […]