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Some animals are natural clowns and just love to goof around, so whether it’s dogs, cats, squirrels, monkeys, dolphins or whatever you find here, I hope they help to raise a few smiles.

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Have A Nice Day

Do you ever have one of those days when something seems a bit ‘off’ but you just can’t put your finger on it… Or it seemed like all the people around you just wanted to butt heads… Or just get into some kind of weird tug of war? Sometimes you […]

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The Dead Duck

A woman brought a limp and obviously dead duck into a vet. As she laid her pet on the table, the vet pulled out his stethoscope, and listened to the bird’s chest. After a moment or two, the vet shook his head sadly and said, “I’m so sorry, your duck […]

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A duck walks into a bar and orders a beer and a sandwich. The bartender looks at him and says, “But you’re a duck.” “I see your eyes are working,” replies the duck. “And you talk!” exclaims the bartender. “I see your ears are working,” says the duck, “Now can […]