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Cargo Of Pepsi

Image used under a Collective Commons License from aircraft that was carrying a full cargo of Pepsi was flying over Papua New Guinea when it had a malfunction and went down in the jungle.

A few weeks later, the Pepsi Company, having sent out search planes to try and locate the crashed plane, finally located the wreckage.

A rescue plane was sent, which landed and the rescue party searched the area, but found no sign of the crew of the aircraft.

They did, however, find a tribe of cannibals.

They asked to see the Chief of the cannibal tribe and asked him if he knew anything about the crash.

The Chief, who spoke some English, indicated that he had.

When asked where the crew was, the cannibal Chief replied, “We ate the crew, and we drank the Pepsi”.

The Rescue party was shocked and visibly shaken by this response.

One man asked, “Did you eat their legs?”

The chief replied, “We ate their legs, and we drank the Pepsi”.

Another rescuer asked, “Did you eat their arms?”

The Chief said, “We ate their arms, and we drank the Pepsi”.

After looking totally perplexed for a minute, a third rescuer asked, “Did you… you know… eat their… ‘things‘?”

The chief replied emphatically, “No”.

“No?” asked the rescuer, looking curious.

“No”, replied the cannibal Chief, “THINGS go better with Coke”.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know that was a terrible joke, but this is after all the Bad Jokes category. I hope we at least managed to get a groan or a snicker out of you. If you found it REALLY bad, please forward it to your friends, who I am sure could all use a good groan.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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